Friday Focus: Get Paid to Shop!!!

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I am sure many of you are already seasoned online shoppers, so feel free to disregard this post if that applies to you. I am writing this because I actually found out that a neighbor made a very large purchase lately (we are talking 4 figures), and did NOT go through a cash back shopping site. This particular purchase could have saved her $80 just by going through one of the sites I am going to talk about below.  Cash back shopping has been around for more than a decade, and every month it seems like there is a new one out. I tend to stick with the oldies but goodies. They have established themselves, and have proven to me they actually pay you.

I only promote the absolutely FREE programs here, because I don’t advise that you pay anyone to get Cash Back – it would defeat the purpose.  I do advise that you sign up for all of these programs (like I have), for three reasons:  (1) you can use the sign-up bonuses (free cash) to increase your savings on purchases; (2) some offer different Retailers to shop from than others; and (3) the percentage of cash back offered sometimes varies between websites (see below).

Here’s how it works:
These  websites are paid commissions by the Retailers/Stores to get us to shop with them. The websites keep a portion of the commissions and pass a portion onto us.  It’s a win-win-win situation!  All 3 of us make money.  These Retailers may of course be jacking up their prices to account for these commissions (sometimes I’m too smart for my own good).

Most websites offer different cash back percentages for the same Retailer.  For instance, if you were shopping at OfficeMax — MrRebates might offer 1%, GreenBackStreet might offer 1.998%, but Ebates might offer 3% — so in this instance, you would want to shop through Ebates.  But, if you wanted to shop at 1800Flowers — MrRebates offers 15%, while Ebates only offers 5%, and GreenBackStreet doesn’t offer them at all, so you would want to purchase through MrRebates!  So check and see which Cash Back Website gives you the most money back for the retailer that you’re purchasing from – it’s worth the extra few minutes!

Cash Back Websites

“Ebates” Cash Back Website

Sign up for Ebates

Ebates Cash Back Website Sign-up Bonus:  Currently a $5 credit in your Ebates account.  Their offers change, so check their website.

Payout:  Ebates pays you every 3 months, May, Aug, Nov & Feb 15th.

Payment Options:  Once you’ve opened an account, go into the Green “My Ebates” tab and enter your Name and Address Info, and select whether you want your money via Check or whether you want it deposited into your PayPal account.

“Mr Rebates” Cash Back Website

Sign up for Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates Cash Back Website Sign-up Bonus:   Right now they aren’t offering any, but that changes.

Payout:   They don’t automatically send payments, you need to request your payments.  If you request it one month, you’ll receive it the next month.  You must have a minimum balance (available rebates) of $10.00 before you can request a payout.

Payment Options:    You can opt to receive payments via PayPal or by Check.  If you wish to receive your payments via PayPal, be sure to go into the “My Accounts” tab, click “Change Account,” go the bottom, and put in the email address associated with your PayPal account.

“Big Crumbs” Cash Back Website

Sign up for Big Crumbs

Big Crumbs Cash Back Website Sign-up Bonus:   none

Additional Info.:   When you’ve selected the Retailer that you wish to purchase from, you must make the purchase within 1 hour after you’ve hit the link.  Their payouts for eBay purchases are different than other Retailers, so please see the specifics.

Payout:  Payments are processed on or about the 15th of every month, if your balance exceeds $5.00.   They pay one month in arrears, so you would not for example, receive February’s payment until April.  This one month delay helps to insure that any purchased items and returns have time to be processed.

Payment Options:  BigCrumbs offers two forms of payment, PayPal and a BigCrumbs PrePaid Mastercard.  I opted for the PayPal method, which is free.  If you also choose this method, make certain that the email address that you use to sign-up with is linked to your PayPal account.  Please be aware that if you choose the BigCrumbs PrePaid Mastercard that they will charge you a $1.00 monthly card fee.

“Green Back Street” Cash Back Website

Sign up for Green Back Street

Green Back Street Cash Back Website Sign-up Bonus:    none

Additional Info.:IMPORTANT:  Only coupons advertised on GreenBackStreet may be used.  Cash Back may not be awarded if an outside coupon is used.

Payout:  Payments are issued after you have accrued $15.00 or more in your account.  They also hold funds for 60 days to allow for merchandise return grace periods.

Payment Options:  You can opt to receive payments via PayPal or Check.

“Extrabux” Cash Back Website~~~ My Favorite

Sign up for Extrabux

Extrabux Cash Back Website Sign-up Bonus:  $5

Payout:  Payments are issued after you have accrued $10.00 or more in your account.  They also hold funds for 60 days to allow for merchandise return grace periods.

Payment Options:  You can opt to receive payments via PayPal or Check.

What is your favorite cash back shopping site? Do share!