Kindle Fire Owners: $5 Credit for Watching TNT’s “Monday Mornings” Preview

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If you own a Kindle Fire 2nd Generation or Kindle Fire HD with Special Offers, then you’ll definitely want to check out this promo! Amazon Kindle Special Offers is offering up a FREE $5 credit for watching a preview of TNT’s new drama “Monday Mornings”. Special Offers will appear when you wake your device from sleep mode, and they also appear as text at the bottom of the Home screen. To view offers while using the device: On the Home screen, scroll to and select Offers. Tap an offer to learn more. Your Kindle device will automatically connect wirelessly if you select to learn more about an offer.

Note that after you watch the preview, there will be a tab at the bottom of the screen that states, “Get Treated With a $5 Amazon Discount! Thank you for watching the TNT Monday Mornings video on your Kindle. To make you Mondays better please enjoy $5 off you next Amazon purchase!”. Then just tap to score this offer! This $5 off promo will be applied automatically to your next qualifying purchase!